There are many projects Treasure Chest is working toward. For example we have an ongoing programme of Care Packages, each worth over $1500 that are given to patients who really need our help. Check out Our Goals list here to find out more.



GOAL $10,000


Kylie and Michael are getting married and ask that you consider making a donation to Treasure Chest Charity in lieu of gifts. Breast cancer was the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia in 2013 and the most commonly diagnosed cancer among females. Due to continued medical breakthroughs and research the survival rate of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer has increased to a 90% chance of survival, however there is still room for improvement!  

Treasure Chest Charity is working to fund an Acupuncture Clinic specialising in the treatment of joint pains caused by Aromatase inhibitors (tablets that reduce the risk of recurrence for certain breast cancers). A key goal at Treasure Chest Charity is to provide funds to support services that consider the ‘whole’ person, and by doing so reduce the impact of the disease and its treatment. We appreciate your help making a difference improving the overall treatment experience of Breast Cancer patients. 

To Donate specifically to Kylie & Michael's Wedding 'Special Donation Project' please click on one of the amounts on the left or enter your own under Other$ and follow the prompts to complete your Donation. We thank you for your contribution. 


Here are two current projects that we’d like your help to achieve:


Unromantic as a microscope may seem one of the projects we are currently working toward providing is a very special, and sexy to some, Leica M525 Surgical Microscope at a cost of $159,000. The public health system is strained to the gunnels with very little going toward state of the art equipment that would make professional lives so much easier. This high performance microscope will provide insight into the smallest reconstruction microsurgery details.


Another project very dear to our hearts is a consulting room. Currently there is no available space for a room that enables patients to get the additional psychotherapy and mental health support they need in a warm, cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Believe it or not after ongoing treatment the last place you want to see again, or speak about your inner most fears, is another clinical hospital room. We need $32,000 for this room - to help build a few walls, paint and kit out with furnishings to the level we believe patients would feel loved in.

If you would like to give to a specific project please feel free to let us know.

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