May 31, 2016 Lauren_Blog_Leave_my_hair_out_of_this_blog_post_3_s.jpg 

Six months of chemo down and another one or even two months to go.  My lashes have gone, my brows are sparse, my skin like paper, and my muscles weak. Despite this, I cleared my calendar of my Friday night ‘couch date’ and proudly replaced it with the Treasure Chest 10 Year Anniversary ‘Men With Breast Intentions’ Black Tie Ball!

....(sic) I haven’t been captivated by many speeches that have touched me, that I could truly relate to, that are personal, raw and stripped-back to the bone. But on Friday night I fought back tears when Pratika Lal (Founder of the Treasure Chest) addressed the room of 400 guests, both men and women, regarding the work the Treasure Chest Charity does to improve the experience for those undergoing breast cancer treatment, particularly breast reconstruction. I was also reminded of my cold, hard reality, but found comfort knowing that I’m not alone, and the treatment side effects are real, very real, as much as I try to disregard them. The nausea, sleepless nights, fatigue, ulcers, headaches, blurry vision, itchy skin and the daily mental challenges are relentless. I could go on and on, but let me spare you the details, many of them too gory for this medium as well as the shiny brochures that try to prepare you for what to expect during treatment – another time perhaps?! to read the full blog post of Giving Thanks please click here.

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